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Kospakkies Southern Cape Our Projects 2019 – Children Christmas Treasure Box Wish List

2019 – Children Christmas Treasure Box Wish List

* Most of the people choose items from our example list and that is why so many ask for the same item

C001 AB Boy 14 Super C sweets  
C002 Abbigail Girl 6 Smarties & Jelly beans  
C003 Abby Girl 13 Mum 21 Purple deodorant & roll on  
C004 Abdullah Boy 16 Chocolate with hazelnuts  
C005 Abel Boy 14 Vodacom airtime  
C006 Aberdeen Girl 15 lip stick, lip gloss, eye lashes  
C007 Abigail Girl 17 Grocery voucher (SPAR, Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers, OK)  
C008 Abraham Boy 17 Craft paint (complete kit with all the colours)  
C009 Absalon Boy 5 Hand cream  
C010 Ada Girl 12 Blue Lace gift set (deodorant etc)  
C011 Adam Boy 16 Gift voucher from Game (to buy essentials for the house)  
C012 Adelaide Girl 17 MTN Airtime  
C013 Adelé Girl 10 SPAR Gift Voucher – Want to buy a cheesecake  
C014 Adeline Girl 18 Dictionary for crossword puzzles  
C015 Adri Girl 14 Fake Eye Lashes & Fake Nails  
C016 Adrian Boy 15 Marshmallow & Liquorice sweets  
C017 Adrie Girl 15 Beef-sticks  
C018 Agnes Girl 12 Golden or Sterling silver cross & necklace  
C019 AJ Boy 9 Colouring utilities for adults  
C020 Alec Boy 15 Fishing gear  
C021 Alex Boy 16 CD’s (Any Gospel music)  
C022 Alexa Girl 6 Moana Stuff (like dvd, doll, etc.)  
C023 Alice Girl 14 Gift voucher from Woolworths (to buy a nice outfit)  
C024 Alicia Girl 17 White satin gift pack  
C025 Allan Boy 1 Gift voucher from Clicks   
C026 Allen Boy 16 MTN airtime & Dry wors  
C027 Allison Girl 10 Vodacom Airtime  
C028 Alvandre Boy 17 MTN Airtime  
C029 Amakali Boy 13 Choc-chip cookies  
C030 Amanda Girl 4 Ouma’s Aniseed rusk  
C031 Amasiah Boy 17 Old spice Aftershave  
C032 Ambani Girl 18 French Manicure & Pedicure Set  
C033 Amelia Girl 7 Ruan Josh CD  
C034 Ammie Girl 1 Baby bottles (any size)  
C035 Amorey Girl 5 Lip ice, chips, sweets, biscuts  
C036 Andrea Girl 17 Top Deck Chocolates  
C037 Andrew Boy 13 Brut aftershave & deodorant  
C038 Aneesa Girl 16 Talc (Powder)  
C039 Angelo Boy 18 Organic 2-1 anti dandruff shampoo & conditioner  
C040 Anicia Girl 17 A big can of instant Ricoffy  
C041 Anique Girl 12 Danish Butter cookies  
C042 Annalie Girl 16 Mixed Nuts  
C043 Anne Girl 9 New Born Baby that drinks & wets & sound functions  
C044 Annetjie Girl 16 MTN Airtime  
C045 Ansie Girl 16 Aero or Bubble Chocolates  
C046 Anton   Boy 1 Toys  
C047 Antonie Boy 7 Quality street chocolates  
C048 April Girl 18 Story books in Big Print (like romance books)  
C049 Armina Girl 15 Grocery voucher (SPAR, Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers, OK)  
C050 Ashwen Boy 17 Seeds to grow your own vegetable & herbs (Little Garden)  
C051 Attie Boy 4 Choc chip cookies  
C052 Aubrey Girl 9 Sweets lozenges  
C053 Austin Boy 16 Mixed Chocolates  
C054 Baslius Boy 14 MTN airtime  
C055 Beata Girl 16 Make-up Set  
C056 Ben Boy 15 Excel for Dummies Book – Learn MS Excel  
C057 Benjamin Boy 16 Biltong slices  
C058 Benji Boy 14 Vodacom Airtime  
C059 Bennie Boy 4 Nougat sweets  
C060 Bernetia Girl 17 Cell C airtime  
C061 Berta Girl 14 Stick blender  
C062 Bets Girl 16 Grocery voucher (SPAR, Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers, OK)  
C063 Beulah Girl 5 1kg Bakers assorted biscuits  
C064 Bhengu Boy 13 Flagan’s Chips – any flavour accept chilli flavours  
C065 Bob Boy 17 backpack or laptop bag  
C066 Bonisha Girl 7 Vodacom Airtime  
C067 Bonnie Girl 16 MTN Airtime   
C068 Botha Boy 15 Checkers Voucher – to buy triangle cheese, pizza’s, samosa’s, etc.  
C069 Callie Boy 11 Jumping Jack Popcorn (Sour cream & Butter Salt flavours)  
C070 Calnique Girl 16 Watch  
C071 Carl Boy 15 Salty cracks or Kips  
C072 Carley Girl 16 Raisins  
C073 Cassandra Girl 10 Speakout Board Game  
C074 Cassea Boy 5 Wine gums  
C075 Cassey Girl 14 Puzzles  
C076 Cassidy Girl 8 Dried fruit blocks with sugar coat  
C077 Cecilia Girl 4 Cheese Puffs  
C078 Chambo Girl 16 Cutlery set & Kitchen scale – I love to baked & to cook  
C079 Chamsley Girl 15 O so heavenly gift Heart of gold products  
C080 Charlmaine Girl 18 Vodacom airtime  
C081 Charlotte Girl 11 Payday Board Game  
C082 Charmain Girl 15 Gift voucher from Dischem   
C083 Charmaine Girl 12 Chocolate cookies  
C084 Charne Girl 14 Toaster  
C085 Chris  Boy 12 Milo  
C086 Chrishaan Girl 14 Egg Boiler & Stick Blender  
C087 Chrishane Girl 15 Soaps that smells like lavender  
C088 Chrisna Girl 16 MTN Airtime  
C089 Christa Girl 17 Anything pienk & purple  
C090 Christian Boy 7 1kg Chelsea Assorted Biscuits  
C091 Christien Girl 16 New schoolbag for grade 8  
C092 Christine Girl 9 Fanta orange cooldrink  
C093 Christo Boy 15 Soldering Iron set  
C094 CJ Boy 16 Afrikaans recipe books  
C095 Clair Girl 8 Collecting all kinds of badges  
C096 Claude Boy 13 School bag for next year – going to grade 8  
C097 Cloete Boy 3 A lot of chewing sweets  
C098 Clyde Boy 17 Big Office Calculator  
C099 Con-Ray Boy 1 Anything about sports cars  
C100 Corine Girl 11 Anything about science & technology  
C101 Coritha Girl 5 Barbie dolls  
C102 Corné Girl 13 Nesquick (like chocolate & strawberry flavours)  
C103 Cornelius Boy 11 Vodacom Airtime  
C104 Craig Boy 13 Pocket knife  
C105 Damian Girl 15 Anything about cricket  
C106 Dandu Boy 17 Vodacom airtime  
C107 Danielle Girl 18 Anything about computers  
C108 David Boy 15 Fishing gear  
C109 De Wet Boy 14 Vodacom airtime  
C110 Debbie Girl 12 Droë wors  
C111 Debigail Girl 8 Lots of jelly beans  
C112 Dehanté Girl 12 Mouse Trap Board Game  
C113 Devraj Boy 15 USB fan & USB light  
C114 Diane Girl 5 Colouring books & pencils & wax crayons  
C115 Diko Girl 13 MTN airtime  
C116 Dirk Boy 4 Lots of lollipops  
C117 Dlamini Boy 18 A3 laminator & pouches – to earn pocket money with it  
C118 Donna Girl 15 Goodies for my long hair  
C119 Donovan Boy 15 Flagan’s chips  
C120 Dora Girl 15 A new schoolbag for high school next year  
C121 Doreen Girl 16 Jewellery box  
C122 Dreahago Girl 4 A little Pony (horse) doll  
C123 Du Plessis Boy 17 Wet & Dry Shaver (Battery)  
C124 Du Toit Boy 6 Home baked cookies (I love chocolate brownies)  
C125 Dulmaine Girl 16 Cutex (Bright colours like shocking pink)  
C126 Dwayne Boy 2 Love to play in the house  
C127 Edna Boy 18 16G Memory Stick  
C128 Ekandjo Boy 18 Jacobs Kroning Coffee  
C129 Elaine Girl 10 Like girly stuff  
C130 Elizabeth Girl 1 Any kind of soft toys  
C131 Elize Girl 12 Cutex  
C132 Elizé-Marie Girl 17 Digital Pedometer watch  
C133 Ella Girl 13 Watch & bracelet gift set  
C134 Elmien Girl 12 Puzzels  
C135 Elsa Girl 14 Collecting Stickers  
C136 Elzaan Girl 13 Digital Watch – water resistant  
C137 Emily Girl 16 Scrapbooking starter kit  
C138 Emma Girl 18 IQ facial products  
C139 Erica Girl 18 Make-up & deodorant & cutex  
C140 Ernest Boy 9 1kg Cape Cookies Assorted Biscuits  
C141 Ernestine Girl 10 Tea set  
C142 Errol Boy 10 Radio (a plain FM/AM one – just to listen radio for)  
C143 Esmarelda Girl 5 Mixed nuts  
C144 Esmarencia Girl 16 Love the colours pink & purple  
C145 Esmi Girl 12 Headphones  
C146 Esther Girl 18 Vanity case  
C147 Estie Girl 5 Colouring books with wax crayons  
C148 Eugene Boy 18 MTN airtime  
C149 Eyethu Boy 12 USB fan * Gekies
C150 Faith Girl 6 Collecting erasers  
C151 Fanie Boy 3 Remote control Car  
C152 Febé Girl 7 Teddy bear  
C153 Felicia Girl 16 Hair dryer  
C154 Felicity Girl 16 SA Greatest Hits CD  
C155 Fernando Boy 16 Nivea gift pack  
C156 Florenshia Girl 9 Girly stationary  
C157 Floretta Girl 2 Baby toys  
C158 Francis Girl 15 O so heavenly gift pack  
C159 Franciska Boy 16 Straighhtener  
C160 Frankie Girl 14 Collecting candles with fragrances  
C161 Fransien Girl 14 Golden earrings & necklace  
C162 Fred Boy 11 Vodacom airtime  
C163 Freda Girl 14 Carmella chocolate  
C164 Fredelina Girl 14 Anything for babies  
C165 Fredeline Girl 17 Make-up artist kit (brushes, shadows, lipstick) – to earn money  
C166 Gabonewe Boy 9 CD from Karlien van Jaarsveld  
C167 Gabriel Boy 6 Checkers Voucher – to buy ice tea & fruit juices  
C168 Genené Girl 8 Toys  
C169 Genevieve Girl 14 Top Deck Bubble chocolate  
C170 George Boy 18 Cell C airtime  
C171 Geraldine Girl 10 Beautiful writing paper with matching envelopes  
C172 Gert Boy 9 Mixed bowl of chocolates  
C173 Gizelle Girl 18 Lucky charm bracelet  
C174 Gladys Girl 14 Hot hair brush  
C175 Goliath Boy 2 Building blocks  
C176 Govender Boy 2 Baby shampoo & Soap  
C177 Greg Boy 6 i-Play Glow Tracks (Verimark product)  
C178 Gretchen Girl 14 A dairy  
C179 Gwanyanya Girl 17 French Manicure & Pedicure Set  
C180 Gxumisa Boy 14 MTN Airtime  
C181 Handro Boy 2 Fire truck  
C182 Hanko Boy 13 MTN airtime  
C183 Hannes Boy 17 Stationary set  
C184 Hannetjie Girl 17 Like to “dress-up”  
C185 Hannie Girl 18 Yardley deodorant  
C186 Hans Boy 1 Wetwipes  
C187 Hansie Boy 8 Afrikaans story books  
C188 Happiness Girl 14 Dark navy blue hair items for school  
C189 Happy Boy 14 MTN airtime  
C190 Harry Boy 17 Nail clipper set  
C191 Hashipala Boy 13 Watch  
C192 Haufiku Boy 17 Tablet  
C193 Haydee Girl 12 Juwelery box  
C194 Haygen Boy 15 Anything about fairies   
C195 Hazel Girl 15 Anything about Springbok rugby  
C196 Heinline Girl 17 Cutex  
C197 Heinrich Girl 17 School bag for next year – going to grade 1  
C198 Hendrie Girl 12 Anything that smells like roses  
C199 Hendrik Boy 16 Honey & Mustard Big Corn Bites  
C200 Hendrika Boy 18 Sleep mask to cover my eyes while I am trying to sleep  
C201 Hendrix Boy 1 Ok voucher – to buy formula milk  
C202 Hendry Boy 10 MTN Airtime Voucher  
C203 Hennie Boy 4 Colouring books with koki’s  
C204 Henri Boy 4 Zoo cookies  
C205 Henry Boy 17 Adult therapy colouring books & gel pens  
C206 Hettie Girl 13 Romanza Storybooks  
C207 Hilde Girl 17 No. 7 Ladies Sandles  
C208 Hileni Girl 16 Cell C airtime  
C209 Hilmam Boy 16 Alarm Clock Radio  
C210 Hope Girl 15 Tinkies – all sorts of flavours (especially the chocolate one)  
C211 Hwepo Boy 8 OK voucher to buy ice cream & choclate mouse  
C212 Hykie Girl 7 MTN airtime  
C213 Iipinge Girl 8 Sprite cooldrink  
C214 Ilene Girl 14 A carry bag to put my Bible & Sunday school book in  
C215 Imibonga Boy 15 Coconut biscuits  
C216 Ineel Boy 6 Anything about farm animals  
C217 Ines Boy 5 Chrunchie choclates & Fruit Pastilles sweets  
C218 Ingrid Girl 7 MM’s & Astro’s  
C219 Iris Girl 5 A crying baby with dummy  
C220 Isabel Girl 18 Lots of sugar coated peanuts  
C221 Isak Boy 18 CD Now that’s what I call music  
C222 Ismael Boy 7 Mini Legends Assorted Chocolates  
C223 Ivan Boy 10 Frito’s & Big Corn Bites & Doritos Chips (No hot stuff)  
C224 Ivanka Girl 17 Sorbet Cooling Foot Spray  
C225 Ivano Boy 14 Dictionary for school  
C226 Izelle Girl 8 Nestlé Passion Chocolates  
C227 J.D Girl 16 Bakeware set  
C228 Jabulane Boy 11 Rolo & Rolo Slab Choclate  
C229 Jack Boy 3 Fanta grape cooldrink  
C230 Jackie Girl 16 Vodacom airtime  
C231 Jacklen Girl 12 Eyeliner, lip liner, mascara different kinds of eye shadows  
C232 Jackson Boy 16 Stationary  
C233 Jacky Girl 6 Little Pony toys  
C234 Jacob Boy 15 Lindt Milk Chocolate  
C235 Jacoba Girl 5 Toys  
C236 Jacobi Girl 18 Wafer Chocolate sticks  
C237 Jacobs Boy 14 Battery hand free set game  
C238 Jacoby Girl 11 Soft toys  
C239 Jacque Girl 13 Deodorant & roll on  
C240 Jade Girl 14 Cell C airtime  
C241 James Boy 14 Kips salty biscuits  
C242 Jan Boy 12 Multi tool set  
C243 Jantjie Boy 16 MTN airtime   
C244 Jason Boy 16 Blond Hair Dye  
C245 Jay Girl 12 Glitter make-up & Glitter cutex  
C246 Jaydee-Lee Girl 18 Shaver for arms & legs  
C247 Jayden Boy 14 MTN airtime  
C248 Jaylin Girl 12 Chest game  
C249 Jaywin Boy 13 Aftershave & deodorant & speed stick  
C250 JC Girl 17 USB memory stick  
C251 Jeanine Girl 12 Curling iron  
C252 Jennie Girl 15 A grocery gift voucher for my grandma who had rise me  
C253 Jennifer Girl 10 Anything about cats  
C254 Jenny Girl 3 Ghost Pops Chips  
C255 Jephandro Boy 12 Afrikaans Story books  
C256 Jerminah Girl 17 Casserol set   
C257 Jerry Boy 7 Anything about superman  
C258 Jessica Girl 11 1000+ pieces of puzzles  
C259 Jessie Girl 17 Juwelery box  
C260 Jevicho Girl 5 Like things what is about fairy tail  
C261 Jimmy Girl 10 Anything about airplanes  
C262 Joachim Boy 14 Facial scrubs (oil skin) & Alarm clock  
C263 Joann Boy 13 Grocery voucher (SPAR, Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers, OK)  
C264 Jo-Anne Girl 14 Razors & toiletries  
C265 Joaun Girl 17 Bracelet, necklace, earrings  
C266 Joggie Girl 17 Anything about dolphins  
C267 Johanli Girl 15 No Hair Cream  
C268 Johann Boy 15 Status Aftershave, deodorant, roll-on & Battery shaver  
C269 Johanna Girl 17 Vodacom airtime  
C270 Johanri Girl 14 Cell C airtime  
C271 John Boy 15 MTN airtime  
C272 Jolanda Girl 17 Flawless Facial Hair Remover (Verimark Product)  
C273 Jolandy Girl 6 Anything from the movie ice princess  
C274 Jolene Girl 8 Lots of sweets with toys  
C275 Jomari Girl 15 Deodorant, roll-on, hair gel  
C276 Jonaid Boy 6 A spade and other toys to play in the sand  
C277 Jonathan Boy 9 DVD’s (He like to watch DVD’s at his cousins house)  
C278 Joseph Boy 14 Biscuits (outydse soet koekies)  
C279 Josephat Boy 6 OK voucher – to buy fozen chicken nuggets  
C280 Josh Boy 15 Vodacom airtime  
C281 Joshwin Boy 13 Pep voucher (want to buy a cheap cell phone)  
C282 Jovandré Boy 6 Nesquick (like chocolate & strawberry flavours)  
C283 JP Boy 7 Marshmallows, lollipops   
C284 Juan Boy 8 Puzzles  
C285 Juandré Boy 13 Microwave popcorn (like butter salt)  
C286 Juané Girl 12 Lego’s  
C287 Juan-Marie Girl 15 Mani & Pedi set  
C288 Juanne Girl 16 Ring (size: no. 10 or a large)  
C289 Julia Girl 5 i-Play Baby Dolly (Verimark Product)  
C290 Julie Girl 17 Home baked cookies with cherries on top  
C291 Junelle Girl 18 Niknaks – all flavours   
C292 Justin Boy 4 Coke cooldrink  
C293 Justine Girl 15 Cloud Pre-mixed baked items like cake, muffins  
C294 Kambangula Boy 17 Pep voucher – to buy a Tablet  
C295 Karel Boy 16 Pringles (like all flavours especially sour cream)  
C296 Karen Girl 5 Teddy bear or a big doll  
C297 Karin Girl 18 Jewellery set (matching necklace, earrings, bracelet)  
C298 Karnato Girl 5 Anything about little kitty  
C299 Kasinde Girl 3 Things for my long hair  
C300 Katie Girl s Wetwipes, Baby powder, baby food  
C301 Katroli Boy 6 Princess toys  
C302 Kayla Girl 13 Afrikaanse recipe book (with easy recipes – learn to cook)  
C303 Kaylee Girl 15 Waterproof: mascara, eyeliner, lipstick  
C304 Kaylene Girl 14 Colouring books with pencils & crayons   
C305 Kaylin Girl 9 Cheesy bites & other savoury biscuts  
C306 Keegan Boy 12 Checkers Voucher – to buy meat  
C307 Kerishnie Girl 10 Marshmallows & animal cookies  
C308 Khurlen Girl 11 Hairbrush and other hair items  
C309 Kizenia Girl 17 Radio alarm clock  
C310 Koekie Girl 10 Brownie cookies  
C311 Koos Boy 15 MTN airtime  
C312 Krishna Girl 16 Afrikaans non-fiction books, Afrikaans history books  
C313 Kristien Girl 7 Anything about ballerina’s  
C314 Kwinton Girl 14 Hair gel  
C315 Kyle Boy 16 Vodacom airtime  
C316 Kyra Girl 14 Glue gun (Like to do artwork for pocket money)  
C317 Lambertina Girl 11 Lip gloss, golden earings  
C318 Larine Girl 2 Like to play with dough  
C319 Larry Boy 3 OK voucher – to buy yoghurt  
C320 Laura Girl 18 Pink Amor Nail Gel Coat  
C321 Lauren Girl 12 Anything about the character incredible hulk  
C322 Lee-Ann Girl 11 Gel pens, glitter pens, glitter glue  
C323 Lee-gré Girl 16 TRESemme Shampoo & conditioner for anti-dandruff hair  
C324 Leibrandt Boy 17 Swiss Pocket Knife  
C325 Leigh Girl 17 Adult therapy colouring books & pencils  
C326 Leigh-Anne Girl 7 Checkers Voucher – to buy all kinds of stuff  
C327 Lelona Girl 12 Any Coty Deodrant & Roll-on  
C328 Lena Girl 17 Different kinds of cereal like Corn Flakes, Rainbow’s  
C329 Lerefolo Boy 15 Collecting pens & pencils  
C330 Letitia Girl 15 Glow chocolates  
C331 Liebé Girl 15 Size 7-8 (adult) socks  
C332 Liesl Girl 8 Kips & salt cracks cookies  
C333 Liezel Girl 17 Starter kit for jewellery making  
C334 Linda Girl 11 Hair brush & other hair stuff  
C335 Lionel Boy 8 Corn nuts & Chocolate coated marshmallows  
C336 Litlhare Girl 6 Cruchie Choclate  
C337 Litsoane Girl 1 Any baby products  
C338 Lizel Girl 4 KinderJoy Girl & Choclate éclair toffies (all flavours)  
C339 Lizette Girl 16 Move Activity Tracker (show how much calories you burn)  
C340 Llewellyn Boy 5 Cool drink, sweets, chips, cookies  
C341 Louis Boy 18 Lavender shower gel  
C342 Lucas Boy 12 Like to be creative Anything for scrapbooking  
C343 Lydia Girl 14 Vanity case for her make-up  
C344 Madikela Boy 15 Popcorn maker & popcorn  
C345 Magdalene Girl 13 Water bottles for sport & school  
C346 Magwaza Girl 18 Chef knife set  
C347 Mali Girl 14 Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner  
C348 Mandla Boy 12 CD of Brandon Pyper  
C349 Manuel Boy 11 Anything for deep sea fishing  
C350 Marco Boy 3 Like to collect sells   
C351 Mari Girl 7 Like German Sheppard dogs and small kittens  
C352 Maria Girl 18 Size 8 (adult) black heeled shoes  
C353 Mariaan Girl 17 Perfume – Rose flavour  
C354 Mariah Girl 3 R350 to buy a grocery hamper for my single mother  
C355 Mariana Girl 18 MTN airtime  
C356 Mariane Girl 16 Hazelnut chocolates  
C357 Marie Girl 5 Digital Pedometer watch (Anything to do with sports)  
C358 Marie-Anne Girl 18 Nescafe Gold Coffee & Nescafe Cappucino   
C359 Marien Girl 7 Jelly beans, Jelly babies, Jelly tots, Astro’s, Smarties  
C360 Marina Girl 1 Any baby items especially wetwipes  
C361 Mariska Girl 7 I like to paint and anything about Barbie  
C362 Marissa Girl 18 Anything about Frozen Princess  
C363 Mark Boy 17 Anything about mixed martial arts  
C364 Marlayn Girl 15 Make-up  
C365 Marlene Girl 18 Coffee Mugs Set & Couloring changes coffee mugs  
C366 Marta Girl 13 I like beautiful pens & pencils with funny things on it  
C367 Martha Girl 14 Toys to play on the beach & SPF 45 sunscreen lotion  
C368 Martin Boy 5 Like to put things together and “fixed” things  
C369 Mary Girl 15 Lindt Milk Chocolate with Nuts  
C370 Masadie Girl 1 Anything for a baby (wetwipes, vaseline, toys)  
C371 Mashabela Boy 5 Cheese & Onion flavour chips  
C372 Mashudu Boy 13 Vodacom airtime  
C373 Matlakaneng Boy 11 Black Cat Peanut Butter Cruch   
C374 Matt  Boy 17 PEP voucher (want to buy underwear)  
C375 Matthew Boy 13 Cricket ball & bat  
C376 Max Boy 15 Cellphone with WhatsApp  
C377 Mbakera Boy 16 Rooibos Cappucino Latte Sticks  
C378 Mbundu Boy 8 Remote control Bakkie  
C379 Mecaylin Boy 15 Like shining things  
C380 Melani Girl 16 Afrikaans story books (biographic & crime books)  
C381 Melanie Girl 8 Like the movie Cars  
C382 Merchia Girl 18 Instant Cappuccino coffee powder  
C383 Merissa Girl 17 Hair items (Have long hair)  
C384 Merlin Boy 4 Speakers for my cell phone  
C385 Mervin Boy 14 Afrikaans is Groot CD  
C386 Mhangara Boy 7 Spar voucher to buy freshly baked items at bakery  
C387 Michael Boy 15 Lip ice, Cheezy Bites Crackers  
C388 Michelle Girl 9 Grocery voucher (SPAR, Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers, OK)  
C389 Mieke Girl 3 Spar voucher – Super M’s milk drinks  
C390 Mikayla Girl 1 Baby dippers (all sizes)  
C391 Mike Boy 10 Mastermind Board Game  
C392 Milané Girl 16 Snowflake easy mix scones, biscuits (to baked myself)  
C393 Milanie Girl 4 Caramel popcorn, Cheese Curls, Flings (all the flavours)  
C394 Molefe Boy 11 Pocket knife  
C395 Mollie Girl 6 100% Fruit Juice Blend (like orange)  
C396 Monica Girl 10 Jewellery (like rings, pearls, teardrop earings)  
C397 Monique Girl 16 Collecting items from the Stormers rugby team  
C398 Moreen Girl 18 A personal diary (NOT a school diary)  
C399 Morenshia Girl 13 OK voucher – to buy Chocolate ice cream (Rolo, Aero)  
C400 Morné Boy 17 Aftershave & MTN Airtime  
C401 Moses Boy 1 Wetwipes, Baby powder  
C402 Moses Boy 14 English Blazer deodorant gift pack  
C403 Motsoikha Boy 12 MTN airtime  
C404 Mpho Girl 13 Retro Game Console with games  
C405 Mtsweni Girl 5 Oros Cooldrink  
C406 Mulaudzi Boy 7 Paint & Jelly beans  
C407 Munyambali Girl 2 Marshmallows   
C408 Mzamani Boy 9 Wholewheat Rusk  
C409 Naanda Girl 3 Cadbury choclote eclairs toffies  
C410 Nadia Girl 13 Adult colouring books – like fairy’s & mandala’s  
C411 Nadica Girl 17 Sandels for ladies (shoe size nr 8)  
C412 Nah-Heem Girl 17 Charlie Deodorant & roll on  
C413 Nalini Girl 18 Double knitting wool for looming  
C414 Namataa Boy 13 Corn nuts & Chocolate coated marshmallows  
C415 Nangammbi Boy 15 No 8 Tekkies for Men  
C416 Naomi Girl 9 Hand free game set  
C417 Nashrique Girl 17 Fire & Ice deodorant  
C418 Natalia Girl 5 Checkers Voucher – to buy ice cream (Rolo, Bar One, etc)  
C419 Natasha Girl 15 New pencil bag & Glitter pens & Glitter glue & Oil pastel  
C420 Nathan Boy 13 Schoolbag for high school  
C421 Naydia Girl 7 Crunchie cookies  
C422 Ndeiluka Girl 2 Purity & Nestum & Cerelac food  
C423 Neels Boy 15 Garnier Shampoo & Conditioner  
C424 Neil Boy 11 MTN airtime  
C425 Nelius Boy 9 Twister Board Game  
C426 Nemakhavhani Boy 18 MTN airtime  
C427 Nequin Boy 9 Like music instruments (toys)  
C428 Nevoloh Girl 4 Jumbo or Giant Teddy bear  
C429 Ngashikuao Girl 11 30 Seconds Afrikaans Board Game  
C430 Nghaamwa Girl 16 Vodacom Airtime  
C431 Nhanhla Boy 14 Axe deodorant gift pack  
C432 Nia-Mey Girl 14 Love wild horses  
C433 Niikondo Boy 14 Axe deodorant gift pack  
C434 Nina Girl 15 Fritos (all flavours especially purple pack)  
C435 Niquin Girl 18 Yardley gift pack  
C436 Nkosi Girl 17 Lady Pink Nail Polish  
C437 Nkqoli Girl 13 Elvieve Shampoo & Conditioner  
C438 Noah Boy 5 Jelly tots & Smarties White Chocolate slabs  
C439 Nomonde Boy 10 Cheese & chives rice cakes & other flavours  
C440 Norman Boy 4 Suga Toffies & Fizzers & Smarties & MM’s & Choclate Button’s  
C441 Octavia Girl 16 Nestle box of mixed chocolates  
C442 Olivia Girl 4 Anything about Garfield or cats  
C443 Patricia Girl 17 Peanut Brittle sweets & Romany chocolate cookies  
C444 Paul Boy 16 MTN airtime  
C445 Paul Boy 7 Wine gums, jelly babies, jelly tots, jelly beans  
C446 Paula Girl 15 Twista Pull Chopper  
C447 Paulina Girl 13 Revlon deodorant (That Man)  
C448 Pedro Boy 17 Ensign Deodorant & roll on  
C449 Peter Boy 16 Hair clipper set  
C450 Petra Girl 1 Anything for babies  
C451 Petrus Boy 17 Brut Aftershave gift pack & disposable razors  
C452 Phega Girl 10 Spur voucher for her and her friends  
C453 Phiona Girl 9 Vodacom airtime  
C454 Pieter Boy 15 Top Deck Chocolates & Smarties & M&M’S & Astro’s  
C455 Pietricha Girl 13 Lip liners & Blue lace gift pack  
C456 Poppie Girl 13 A diary with colouring pictures for adults  
C457 Portia Girl 12 MTN airtime   
C458 Precious Girl 13 Golden teardrop earings  
C459 Preya Girl 14 Stainless steel bracelet & necklace  
C460 Prince Boy 15 Activity watch  
C461 Princess Girl 15 Cell C airtime  
C462 Quanita Girl 18 Brushes for make-up & a make-up mirror  
C463 Quinsie Girl 1 Purity Baby food  
C464 Rauol Boy 10 Tennis ball set  
C465 Raydonique Boy 13 Collecting pens  
C466 Rayline Girl 17 2-in-1 Nail Polish Dryer  
C467 Raymond Boy 16 Coffee Plunger  
C468 Rebecca Girl 13 Game powder – cool drink  
C469 Reginah Girl 9 Anything about horses  
C470 Renier Boy 13 I-Play laptop (blue & pink) for me AS WELL AS MY SISTER  
C471 Rho-bert Boy 10 Romantic pink sweets  
C472 Riaan Boy 5 Ouma’s rusk  
C473 Rian Boy 5 Chelsea cookies  
C474 Riana Girl 16 Basic clipper for cutting hair  
C475 Rica Girl 3 Mini cheddar cookies  
C476 Ricaydon Girl 17 Golden earrings & nail art   
C477 Rickus Boy 2 Spar voucher – buy dairy & other baby food  
C478 Rina Girl 15 False nails  
C479 Ritha Girl 11 Golden Gypsy earings  
C480 Robbert Boy 7 i-Play Electro Blocks (Verimark product)  
C481 Robbie Boy 8 i-Play Glide Ball (Verimark Product)  
C482 Robert Boy 10 Boss Deodorant & roll on  
C483 Robin Boy 8 Muesli with nuts  
C484 Rodger Boy 1 Any baby items (like wet wipes)  
C485 Roedolf Boy 10 Backpack for school  
C486 Roelien Girl 4 Cadbury hot chocolate powder  
C487 Rofhiwa Girl 14 Cellphone with WhatsApp  
C488 Roman Boy 15 Fanta orange cooldrink  
C489 Ronél Girl 17 Eyeliner, lip liner, mascara different kinds of eye shadows  
C490 Ronelle Girl 17 Lip balm, funky colours cutex  
C491 Ronnie Boy 15 Dried fruit blocks or rolls  
C492 Ronny Boy 16 MTN Airtime  
C493 Rosa Girl 17 Vodacom airtime  
C494 Rowena Girl 18 Vacuum sealer & pouches  
C495 Roxaan Girl 18 Cell C airtime  
C496 Roxy Girl 16 Make-up & Sterling silver jewellery & 2-in-1 Shampoo  * Gekies
C497 Rudolf Boy 1 Baby bum cream & baby oil & Baby lotion  
C498 Ruth Girl 13 Neon colours cutex  
C499 Sakkie Boy 16 Biscuits (Lemon Creams, Tennis, Romany, Bondior)  
C500 Sakuwa Girl 17 Bracelets  
C501 Samelien Girl 14 Facial mask for oily skin  
C502 Samuel Boy 12 MTN airtime  
C503 Sandra Girl 15 Spur voucher for her and her friends  
C504 Sandro Boy 16 MTN airtime  
C505 Sarah Girl 15 Vodacom airtime  
C506 Scott Boy 8 Microwave popcorn (like butter salt)  
C507 Sello Boy 8 Buttermilk Rusk  
C508 Selma Girl 2 Fizzer toffies  
C509 Seth Girl 7 Collecting Stickers  
C510 Shakiah Girl 14 Cell C airtime  
C511 Shamirah Girl 18 Gorgeous deodrant gift pack  
C512 Sharlen Boy 17 Battery shaver  
C513 Shaun  Boy 17 Old Spice Gift Pack (Deodrant & Aftershave)  
C514 Shaundré Boy 14 David Beckham items  
C515 Sheehama Girl 16 Sleep mask for oil skin  
C516 Shenaydia Girl 17 Pink Happiness Deodrant gift pack  
C517 Shevine Girl 14 Bubble bath (Bubble Foam)  
C518 Shianey Boy 15 Solo Deodrant gift pack  
C519 Shikukuku Girl 12 Make-up & jewellery   
C520 Shoonyeka Boy 6 Zoo animal cookies  
C521 Sibongiseni Boy 15 Vodacom airtime  
C522 Simon Boy 5 KinderJoy Boy  
C523 Simphiwe Girl 16 Unforgetable Deodrant gift pack  
C524 Sishi Girl 4 Raspberry Cooldrink  
C525 Siza Girl 3 Jelly & Ultra Mel Box Custard  
C526 Sofia Girl 15 Exclamation Deodrant gift pack  
C527 Sonika Girl 16 Gravity Deodrant gift pack  
C528 Sonja Girl 16 Veet shaving products  
C529 Stanné Girl 17 Hoity Toity Gift pack  
C530 Stanton Boy 18 Deodorant, roll-on, hair gel  
C531 Stephen Boy 18 Gillette Fusion shaving products  
C532 Steve Boy 16 Vodacom airtime  
C533 Steven Boy 15 A tablet  
C534 Sumari Girl 8 Collecting girly stuff like cute pens & books & keyrings  
C535 Susan Girl 17 Gillette shaving products  
C536 Susarah Girl 10 Hello Kitty items  
C537 Suzaan Girl 4 Pony Party gift set  
C538 Suzette Girl 14 Cell C airtime  
C539 Sydney Boy 13 Jelly beans   
C540 Sylvia Girl 9 Peanuts  
C541 Talita Girl 13 Headphones  
C542 Tamar Girl 15 Lucky charm bracelet  
C543 Tammy Girl 16 Pocket money for December  
C544 Tamsen Girl 13 Diary not for school  
C545 Tara Girl 16 MTN airtime  
C546 Te-Meka Girl 15 Toaster  
C547 Theo Boy 10 Coconut Truffles, rolo’s & fruit pastilles  
C548 Theresa Girl 9 Hazelnuts & Almonds coverd with choclate  
C549 Thersia Girl 8 Speckled eggs, rascals, astro’s & smarties  
C550 Thivhulawi Girl 10 Karmen or Deluxe Finger Board & Dics  
C551 Thobile Girl 16 Ladies sandles no. 7  
C552 Thom Boy 6 Nougat, jelly tots  
C553 Thomas Boy 7 Caramel choclate bears, caramel fudge  
C554 Thomelin Girl 10 Glow chocolates & milky tray choclates  
C555 Thurston Boy 9 Sweetie Pie choclates & choclate eggs  
C556 Timbo Boy 5 Spade & Bucket to play in the sand  
C557 TJ Boy 6 Flake& Crunchie choclates  
C558 Tjanita Girl 8 Cream Soda cooldrink  
C559 Tommie Boy 13 OK voucher – to buy fresh meat  
C560 Tommy Boy 13 Heavenly Selection choclates  
C561 Tondrai Boy 6 Clover Krush Orange Juice  
C562 Toni Girl 16 Sterling silver jewelery-set  
C563 Tracey-Lee Girl 10 Wafer Chocolate sticks  
C564 Traci Girl 17 Sandels for ladies (shoe size nr 7)  
C565 Trina Girl 14 Shampoo & Conditioner for normal hair  
C566 Trishaan Girl 9 Butter cookies & choc chip cookies  
C567 Trishja Girl 3 Giant colouring book  
C568 Tristan Girl 8 Sofia the first (movie) products   
C569 Trustworthy Boy 2 Soft toys & Marshmallows  
C570 Tshiguuo Boy 18 Sensodyne Repair & Protect Toothpast  
C571 Tsikane Boy 7 PS Choclate  
C572 Tumelo Boy 10 Kinder Joy for a Boy  
C573 Tyrique Boy 9 PAW Patrol (movie) products  
C574 Uushona Boy 1 Any baby products  
C575 Uvahn Boy 14 MTN airtime  
C576 Valen-Lee Girl 16 Vodacom airtime  
C577 Valera Girl 17 Vodacom airtime  
C578 Violet Girl 15 Cell C airtime  
C579 Vivian Girl 7 Cheese curls or Cheese Puffs  
C580 Vusi Boy 14 A cellphone with whatsapp  
C581 Vuyisile Girl 10 Make your own Woven Watch Kit  
C582 Warren Boy 15 Cell C airtime  
C583 Welda Girl 2 OK voucher – to buy baby food  
C584 Wellee Girl 18 Ring (size: no. 10 or a large)  
C585 Werneel Girl 16 Sleep mask to cover my eyes while I am trying to sleep  
C586 Wessel Boy 17 Beauty products  
C587 Whalricque Girl 4 Cheese curls or Cheese Puffs  
C588 Wharnicque Girl 16 vanity case – staying in a hostel at school  
C589 Whitney Girl 17 Glitter make-up  
C590 Will Boy 14 Milky bar choclates  
C591 Willem  Boy 11 Pretzels & salti-cracks  
C592 Willemien Girl 13 Vodacom airtime  
C593 William Boy 13 MTN airtime  
C594 Wilma Girl 13 Cell C airtime  
C595 Wilna Girl 17 Shaving products  
C596 Wynand Boy 5 lots and lots of toffees  
C597 Xanadu Girl 4 A big teddy bear  
C598 Xander Boy 3 Marshmallows & lolly pops  
C599 Xavier Boy 9 Sour sweets  
C600 Yebonga Boy 5 Paint & Brushes  
C601 Yolanda Girl 15 Cappucino coffee sticks  
C602 Yolandi Girl 4 Bubble chips & smarties  
C603 Zander Boy 5 Love cars & motorbikes  
C604 Zanele Girl 6 Love martial arts, karate  
C605 Zavier Boy 17 MTN airtime  
C606 Ziggy Girl 17 Vodacom airtime  
C607 Zikhona Boy 12 Vodacom airtime  
C608 Zumari Girl 17 Cell C airtime  
C609 Zunelle Girl 18 Cuttlery set & Dinner plate set * Gekies
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